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Business Development

City Clerk's Office
Business Registration Services
600 North Arrowhead Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92401

How to start a business

How to expand and/or move a business

Other Important Information

Business Registration Handbook

Any person, including but not limited to, an individual, corporation or sole proprietor who wishes to conduct either directly or indirectly, any business within the City of San Bernardino must secure a registration certificate. City law states that no person shall engage in business or transact and carry on a business, show, exhibition or game in the city without first having procured a registration certificate from the city to do so, or without complying with any and all applicable provisions of Title 5 of the City Ordinance relating to business registration. A separate certificate is required for each branch or location of business.

EXCEPTIONS: Those businesses specifically exempted by State or Federal Statute.

PROHIBITIONS:. Selling merchandise or food items from any vacant lot or temporary location is not permitted in the City of San Bernardino. Violation of this City Ordinance is a misdemeanor and is strictly enforced.