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Animal Services

Contact Us

Do you need to submit a service request or make an appointment? 

Call (909) 384-7272.

 (All Animal Control Services are by appointment only): 

Animal Shelter Address: 

333 Chandler Place
San Bernardino, CA 92401

The Animal Services Department is open by appointment only. As additional restrictions related to COVID-19 are lifted, appointment requirements will be re-evaluated.  Animal Control Field Services have resumed normal operation hours and will wear protective face coverings while in contact with the public.    

  1. Shelter Services:
  2. The shelter is open to casual visitors to view and visit animals of interest by appointment.  No more than three people per appointment time slot.
  3. All onsite Private Adoptions, Return to Owners, and Rescue Adoptions will be conducted by appointment only.
  4. The shelter will accept stray and owner surrendered dogs by appointment.
  5. The shelter will not accept healthy stray cats at this time, but will continue to accept owner surrenders as well as sick or injured stray cats by appointment.
  6. All licensing and fines will be processed and paid by mail, phone or by appointment.
  7. Individual Networkers are able to make one appointment per day to view up to three animals per appointment.
  8. The volunteer program has resumed.
  9. Visitors to the shelter are asked to please observe social distancing when contacting any shelter employee.

Field Services:

  1. Animal Control Officers will respond to priority calls for service that pose a hazard to the public, injured, and deceased animals.  They will also respond to general calls for service that include animal noise complaints, non-aggressive strays, etc. 
  2. Animal Control Officers will not impound any stray healthy cats.
  3. Residents are asked to cease all trapping activities.
  4. Residents are asked to please observe social distancing when contacting any ACO.

Appointments will be available Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Please call SB Direct at (909) 384-7272 to make an appointment.