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Public Works-Integrated Waste Management Division

Waste disposal contracts

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Residential City Clean-up Days

The City of San Bernardino Refuse & Recycling Division provides collection services to residential and commercial customers for refuse, recyclables, and green waste. For more information including rates, please click on the blue hyperlinks below:

Rates are in effect January 1, 2009, as established by Resolution 2008-433.

Municipal Codes 8.21 and 8.24 set forth San Bernardino City law for the appropriate containment, collection, and disposal of garbage, rubbish, recyclable discards, green waste, combustible material, and byproducts.

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California State Mandated Solid Waste Diversion
Like all California communities, the City of San Bernardino is required by the State to divert materials being land-filled through reducing waste at the source, reuse of materials, and recycling and composting. A profile of the City of San Bernardino, including
estimated solid waste generation and diversion, is available on-line at the CalRecycle website.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
San Bernardino City residents and businesses may learn more about waste reduction and pollution prevention programs and services on the Environmental Projects Web pages.

San Bernardino County Residents & Businesses
If you are a resident or business within the unincorporated areas of the County, please contact the San Bernardino County Waste System Division for collection services and disposal facility information.

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