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Commercial Services

NOTICE - Refuse service transfers to Burrtec starting April 1, 2016

The City of San Bernardino recently awarded an exclusive franchise agreement to Burrtec Waste Industries (Burrtec) to provide trash and recycling services to all residents and businesses within the City. Effective Apr. 1, customers can expect to see Burrtec providing trash and recycling collection, street sweeping twice a month, right-of-way cleanup, and bulky item pickup services. Throughout the month of March, Burrtec will mail information to customers regarding available services and billing processes. This means the City of San Bernardino Municipal Water Department will no longer include a refuse charge in the water bill after April 1, 2016. Burrtec will bill customers directly for refuse services. 


  • Services will remain unchanged. 
  • Current barrels (residential) will be serviced on the same day of service at the same monthly rate. 
  • Holiday's observed: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day. When the holiday falls on a weekday, collections for the remainder of the week will be delayed by one day. There is no service interruption or delay when the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday. 

Please refer to the below brochure and newsletter for service summary and customer service information.
Burrtec sample newsletter March 2016 (Commercial service)

Burrtec Contact Information
Burrtec Waste Industries
5455 Industrial Parkway, San Bernardino, CA 92407
(909) 804-4222
Facebook  | Twitter  |  Burrtec.com

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

City of San Bernardino Public Works Department Refuse & Recycling Division through March 31, 2016

Holiday Collection Schedule

     Compactor Repairs

The City provides repair service to roll-off compactor containers serviced by the City. Repairs may include sheet metal or hardware damage, patch and repair holes, or install or repair any safety devices necessary to ensure safe transportation of the container. The rate for roll-off compactor container repairs is $66.91 per hour, plus the cost of materials and supplies. A minimum of one hour will be charged to the customer for any repairs. The City will prepare an estimate for labor and materials and submit the estimate to the customer. The customer must authorize the estimated repairs in writing, prior to beginning repairs.   
  • Bin & Compactor  Cleaning

  • The City provides a cleaning service for roll-off compactor containers that are serviced by the City. Upon request, the container is taken to the City Yard, pressure washed, and then returned to the customer's location. The cleaning charge is $133.34 per service.

    Bulky Item Pickup

    The City provides a quick clean-up service to residential and commercial properties. This service is a manual collection service designed to handle bulky materials not accommodated through other collection methods. The rate for this service is a $36.23 minimum for each fifteen (15) minutes with a maximum of thirty (30) minutes. The City will provide an estimate to the customer of the amount of time required and the total cost, prior to provision of service. The customer must pay the estimated cost in advance of the service. If the estimate is lower than the actual cost of providing the service, the customer will be billed the difference. If the estimate is higher than the actual cost of providing the service, the customer will be refunded the difference.

    Refuse Bin Enclosure and Cleaning Service

    The City provides a cleaning service for any refuse bin enclosure or limited public area for $37.17 per cleaning. This service includes a sweep-out of debris and steam cleaning and may be requested on-call or on a set schedule.

    Temporary Bin Service (7 Day Bin Special)

  • The City provides a 3 cubic yard bin for a maximum of 7 calendar days from date of bin delivery for use by a resident for general clean-up purposes. No construction material is allowed. The bin shall be placed in the public street at the curb in front of the address for use by the customer and removed on the 7th day .  The temporary bin service rate is $69.00 which must be pre-paid. Extra pickups are $27.50 which is one collection of the material in the container.  

    Bin Roll-Out Service

    If the placement of a front-load bin requires the assistance of a second vehicle, or must be manually rolled out and back, a fee of $67.26 per roll-out and replacement will be charged in addition to collection charges.  The determination of the need for bin roll-out service shall be made by the Director of Public Works or his designee.  The customer shall be notified in advance by an Integrated Waste Management representative of the need for bin roll-out service at the address, and the charges associated with the bin roll-out service.  The customer shall approve this service prior to its provision.

    Charge for Late Payment

    All charges for collection services are due and payable no later than thirty (30) calendar days after issuance of an invoice by the City of San Bernardino Public Works Department. Payments not received by the due date will be assessed a late charge of one percent (1%) per month on the outstanding balance. Accounts that are delinquent more than ninety (90) days may be turned over to a collection agency.

    Contamination Penalty

    If an open-top or compactor roll-off bin designated for recyclables, green waste, uncontaminated wood wastes, or organics is contaminated (including wet materials in a recycling bin), the customer will be billed the refuse rate for the load as well as a $59.00 penalty for each load.

    Health & Safety Violation Fee

    An administrative fee of $50.00 per service day may be charged in the event that collection would pose a potential health risk, safety hazard, or danger to employees or the public and is not corrected within ten (10) business days of written notice to the owner or authorized agent of the property.

    Locks for Refuse Bins and Enclosures

    The City provides a standard lock with two keys at the request of the customer for use in securing the refuse, recyclable or green waste bins or bin enclosures. A charge of $17.70 will be billed to the customer for each lock provided by the City.

    Overweight Charges

    Any weight measured over the maximum tonnage allowed for the size of open-top or compactor roll-off container is considered overweight. The customer is responsible for any landfill charges of the overweight materials in addition to the standard rate per pull for the container serviced. The overweight charge is calculated by multiplying the number of tons over the ton limit by the overweight penalty fee of $12.00. This fee is in addition to all other service charges. In the event that the Director of Public Works or designee determines that a bins is so overweight that the safe movement of said bin would not be feasible, it shall be the responsibility of the customer to reduce the weight of the bin to an acceptable level at the customer's own cost.  In the event that the customer does not reduce the weight of the bin to a safe level with 5-days of receipt of a red-tag, the customer will be provided with the City's clean-up service.

  • Semi-Automated Collection for Small Businesses

  • Automated or semi-automated collection is available for small businesses that cannot be safely accessed by a service vehicle. The rate is $108.68 per month for once weekly service, and $108.68 per month for each additional day per week service.

  • Standing or Roll-back Charge

    A standing or roll-back charge is a $135.70 fee billed to a customer for each occurrence of the following circumstances:

    • When the collection truck arrived at the location and a red tag was issued for either an open-top or compactor roll-off, as a result of the customer's action or inaction, that prevented the City from providing service to the bin. If said situation was not corrected by customer in less than fifteen (15) minutes with the truck present in order for the City to render service;
    • When a customer cancels a previously scheduled service in which the truck is already en route to the location or has arrived at the location; or,
    • When a customer requests a truck to stand by at the customer's location for a period in excess of fifteen (15) minutes.

City Hall

300 N "D" St

Customer Service

5th Floor
Monday - Thursday 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Friday 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM