Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

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Plan of Adjustment and Disclosure Statement

The Plan of Adjustment and Disclosure Statement were filed with the Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California on May 29, 2015. Links included below.

Recovery Plan

Recovery Plan in Support of Plan of Adjustment 05/29/15 (as adopted by Mayor and Common Council on 05/18/15 – with final corrections and clarifications – and filed with court 05/29/15

Recovery Plan summary presentation to Common Council (60 pages) 05/18/15
Recovery Plan supporting the Plan of Adjustment (172 pages) PDF 05/14/15
Plan of Adjustment development process presentation to Common Council (25 pages) 01/05/2015

Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Workshop video recording 04/24/2015
Community Engagement Roadshow Videos February 2015
Strategic Planning process presentation to Common Council 01/20/2015

Pendency Plan

Bankruptcy Update & Public Input Session 10/14/2013
Pendency Plan 11/27/12
Pendency Plan 11/26/12
Pendency Plan Staff Report 11/19/12
Pendency Plan 11/19/12

Pre-Pendency Plan Adopted

Fire Department Pre-Pendency Plan adopted 10/01/12
Councilwoman Wendy McCammack's 9 Point Plan 09/05/2012
City Pre-Pendency Plan 08/29/2012

Pre-Pendency Plan Adjustments Presented to MCC

Councilman Chas Kelley's Alternative Fire Department Plan 09/05/2012
Councilwoman Wendy McCammack's 9 Point Adjustment Plan 09/17/12

Bankruptcy Court Documents and Claims and Noticing Agent

The Bankruptcy Court appointed Rust Omni as the official claims and noticing agent in its bankruptcy case.  The City makes additional information about its bankruptcy case available at Rust Omni's website, which was set up for the City's case.  Important documents that have been filed in the City's bankruptcy case are available under the "Court Docket" tab on the Rust Omni website.




Finance Reports

Council Agenda Items

Media Releases


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