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Statement Regarding Recent Press-Related Stories Concerning Marijuana Dispensaries

This week recent news coverage has insinuated the City is considering promoting Marijuana Dispensaries as a “source of revenue for the City.”  This could not be further from the truth. 

My office has put forward for consideration and debate by the Mayor and Council several options that targets the gang-sponsored and illegal pot shops that are opening weekly.  These illegal dispensaries cater to drug trafficking and other illegal activities. 

One option – pending before the Council – would permit a specific number of legal and highly-regulated Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.  Fees collected from these strictly permitted Dispensaries would be utilized to enforce zoning, policing, and code-enforcement activities against the illegal dispensaries.  Statements that this would be a revenue-generator for the City are simply false.  44 Cities in California have similar programs currently in-place and have been successful in combating the gang-related and illegal crimes that our City is currently experiencing. 

Other options under consideration include complete bans with strict enforcement against property owners. 

Our message is loud and clear. It is time for illegal operators to leave San Bernardino – this City’s leadership and Police Department view these dispensaries as a public nuisance and an obstacle to our efforts to build a prosperous city. I will work closely with the Council, Mayor and Police Chief to develop an effective plan that will eliminate the operation of illegal dispensaries. This will include the liberal use of penalties, fines and liens against irresponsible property owners that will be aggressively imposed, enforced and collected.

Illegal pot shops are not welcome in San Bernardino. The Council Committee will consider options at its August 19, 2014, public meeting.  The Committee’s recommendations will be brought before the full Council and Mayor for consideration.

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