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Public Information Release - Streets Resurfacing

                        The City of San Bernardino Public Works Department plans to resurface forty seven street segments through a contract with a local contractor, Matich Corporation. In addition to pavement resurfacing, the contract work includes some minor concrete repairs of damaged curbs, gutters and cross gutters as well as the installation of new access ramps at various locations within the designated street segments. Work is expected to begin in January and continue through the summer.

The City's contractor will be notifying residents and business owners on the designated streets in advance of major paving operations. The City and the contractor are committed to execution of the work with as little impact to residents and businesses as possible while maintaining vehicular and pedestrian access as much as possible. The City is requesting the public's patience and understanding as this work is executed.

Design questions may be directed to Mr. Ted Rigoni, Principal Engineer, at (909) 384-5198 or Rigoni_te@sbcity.org, and construction questions should be directed to Mr. Jeff Schafer, Construction Manager, at (909) 322-5740, or Schafer_je@sbcity.org.  Click here for more information.  Click here to download this flyer.