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Evaluation of Fire Proposal by Citygate Now Available

In summary, the recommendation to pursue further negotiations with County Fire would include approval to annex into the San Bernardino County Fire District and the option to pursue a $139 annual parcel tax. By annexing into the Fire District, we can expect an increased level of fire service, investment in equipment and stations, and long-term cost savings consistent with the plan of adjustment as submitted to the bankruptcy court in May.

Documents pertaining to this matter have been posted to SBCity.org/bankruptcy under the Council Agenda Items section. This includes Citygate’s evaluation of fire proposals report, Citygate’s June 2014 Fire Service Deployment Study and a regional fire station map. An in-depth staff report will be posted to the web page and included in the Mayor and Common Council agenda packet on Wednesday, Aug. 19. A special Mayor and Common Council meeting is schedule for Aug. 24 to discuss.

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