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RENU San Bernardino Property - OPEN HOUSE 6/22 @ 5 p.m.

Share the news! Another RENU property is now ready for purchase. Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 22, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. we will be hosting an open house. The property address is 3121 Bangor Avenue, Highland, CA.

Located near Serrano Middle School and San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino, this 2,622 square foot home features 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, a pool and water-wise landscaping. The listing price is $394,500. For more detailed information visit http://bit.ly/28Js2yk.

What is RENU San Bernardino?
RENU or Receivership Empowering Neighborhood Upkeep, is a receivership program that focuses on addressing the issues raised by substandard housing in the City of San Bernardino. The Police Department, Community Development Department, Mayor's Office and City Attorney's Office work together through continued code enforcement reporting, working with the courts to ensure the property owners are held accountable and, if they refuse, we look to options like Receivership.

RENU San Bernardino was designed to address the issues related to substandard properties and combat decreased property values and high crime rates by specifically targeting those properties that pose a significant health and safety threat to the public. To learn more about the program at www.SBCity.org/RENUSB.