Search for adoptable pets at the animal shelter by clicking on the links below:

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Once you find an animal you like, and if the animal is available for adoption, you can visit us during our walk-in hours: 11:00am - 4:00pm, 7 days a week. On Wednesdays, we are open from 11:00am - 6:00pm. If the animal is currently not available, call us at (909) 384-1304 to be placed on an interested party list (maximum of 3 interested parties per animal).

Please note, the last adoption meet-and-greet must be concluded 30 minutes prior to closing to complete the adoption process.

 To adopt a pet in a foster home, fill out a Foster Pet Meeting Request. Foster pets are not at the shelter, so meetings must be scheduled in advance. Forms are checked weekly.

Check out these tips for choosing your new family member:

  • Consider how a new pet will fit into your lifestyle.
  • If you are often away from home, choose an adult dog with low exercise requirements.
  • If you have children, select a breed known for interacting well with kids.
  • If you have other pets, think about how a new pet will affect them.
  • Make sure all family members living with the pet visit the shelter before adopting.
  • Be prepared for the long-term commitment, including walks, training, and vet care.
  • Sign up for The Two Minute Dog Training Program! Use code SBAS to receive the training for FREE! 

The Two Minute Dog Training Program offers a simple and effective way to train your dog in short, manageable sessions. It focuses on gradually easing your dog into a new routine and environment using the first 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months as key time markers for establishing comfort and familiarity. This training approach focuses on short, fun, and focused activities that can be integrated into your daily routine. Each session lasts only about two minutes, making it feasible even for busy schedules! The program emphasizes positive reinforcement and consistency, which are crucial for effective training. You'll learn how to communicate effectively with your dog, fostering a better relationship while ensuring your pet learns essential behaviors like sitting, staying, and coming when called.