Integrated Solid Waste Management Division

The City of San Bernardino contracts with Burrtec Waste Industries, Inc. for solid waste services. As an essential service provider, Burrtec is committed to serve customers through the COVID-19 pandemic. At this time, it has become necessary to temporarily suspend new bulky item pickups.


Community Dump Day Schedule

2024 Community Dump Day Revised



Burrtec Waste Industries
For general trash collection and street sweeping inquiries, 

please contact Burrtec Customer Service at: 


Fax: 909-889-3710

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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***The City of San Bernardino does not maintain individual account or payment information.
Please call Burrtec's Customer Service line.***

 Services provided by Burrtec include:


The City of San Bernardino provides residents the following services:

  • Sharps containers (one per visit)
  • Used oil containers (one per visit)
  • Solid waste municipal code enforcement
  • Temporary exemptions for unoccupied properties

Burrtec observes the following holidays, delaying service by one day:

  • January 1 - New Year's Day
  • May (last Monday of the month) - Memorial Day
  • July 4 - Independence Day
  • September (first Monday of the month) - Labor Day
  • November - Thanksgiving Day
  • December - Christmas Day

There is no service interruption or delay when the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

Property Owner/Tenant Responsibility (Residential and Commercial)

  • Begin solid waste collection services within seven (7) days of occupancy.
  • Set containers out for collection before 6 a.m. on the scheduled collection day (residential only).
  • Store containers out of sight of the public right-of-way.
San Bernardino City Waste App

SB City Waste Mobile App

City of San Bernardino residents can download the free "SB City Waste" mobile application to view their collection schedule, the Burrtec holiday trash schedule or the Community Dump Day schedule. Download "SB City Waste" in the App store or Google Play store today!

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Municipal Code 8.24 set forth San Bernardino City law for the appropriate containment, collection, and disposal of garbage, recyclable materials, organics waste and byproducts.


California State Mandated Solid Waste Diversion
Like all California communities, the City of San Bernardino is required by the State to divert materials being land-filled through reducing waste at the source, reuse of materials, and recycling and composting. A profile of the City of San Bernardino, including estimated solid waste generation and diversion, is available on-line at the CalRecycle website.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
San Bernardino City residents and businesses may learn more about waste reduction through A 341, AB 1826, pollution prevention programs and services on the Environmental Projects section of the website.

San Bernardino County Residents & Businesses
If you are a resident or business within the unincorporated areas of the County, please contact the San Bernardino County Waste System Division for collection services and disposal facility information.


Effective April 1 2016, the City of San Bernardino passed Ordinance No. MC-1431 allowing liens to be placed on properties that have past due solid waste bills. This Ordinance also makes property owners ultimately responsible for solid waste bills generated by their tenants.  Once accounts become 45 days delinquent, owners and tenants are sent a notification letter by mail and account balance will be placed on the property tax rolls any amount owning would then become a lien on the property. Delinquent and unpaid charges will include a 10% penalty and a 1.5 % monthly interest are added to any lien amount before the lien is placed with the County of San Bernardino.

Owners/ tenants can make payments to the property, in full can be made directly to the Burrtec up until mid-August of each year.  In August of each year any unpaid liens will be assessed on the property taxes.  Once your property tax bill has been assessed, payment of the lien may only be made with your property tax bill.  If you are selling or refinancing your home, ask your mortgage company please contact County of San Bernardino County Recorders office.