Welcome! San Bernardino is moving forward and I am honored to serve as the 28th Mayor of this historic City. Coming off of the extraordinary elections of 2013, I pledged to hit the ground running to begin the emergence of our City from bankruptcy, moving us to financial growth and returning the City services that were hardest hit by our financial crisis. The time is now to place San Bernardino on the right-track and I am more than hopeful at the signs we are seeing in the City.

Within the two years of being in office we have made strides forward. The Council and I have unanimously passed a strategic direction and goals for the City. My Office has launched a major effort to improve housing stock and reduce crime. Progress is being made in our bankruptcy proceedings and for the first time since 2005, we are focused on growing our City. These items lay the important foundations for actions moving forward.

These important initiatives are discussed in greater detail below. The progress made on our goals will be posted to the City website for all to monitor. There have certainly been moments for celebration and progress being made on many important issues facing our City. I make an effort to keep you up to date both here, through News Releases, and on Social Media and I encourage you to follow as our City builds up steam to move us forward.

Thank you for honoring me with the opportunity to serve as your Mayor.

R. Carey Davis