Regional Boards & Commission Appointments

John Valdivia

Commission & Regional Board Membership of Mayor John Valdivia:

Mayor Valdivia serves in a leadership position on several boards within the County of San Bernardino and State of California.

Mayor Valdivia is currently the Chair of the Inland Valley Development Agency Board (IVDA) and currently serves as the Vice President of the San Bernardino International Airport Authority (SBIAA). During the 2019 - 2020 period, Valdivia served as President of SBIAA and was focused on increasing economic development in the area surrounding the airport resulting in more jobs and revenue for San Bernardino. Valdivia was instrumental in attracting Amazon Air and his commission authorized the Amazon Air Regional Hub Processing Center bringing nearly 4,000 jobs. Mayor Valdivia's commitment is to bring commercial passenger service and to encourage more cargo and logistics business operations.

In November 2019, Valdivia was appointed to the newly created Prescription Drugs and Safety Committee as the Vice-Chair for the US Conference of Mayors due to his many years of experience in the pharmaceutical, bio-tech and healthcare industries.

Mayor Valdivia is a member of the following boards:

Conference of Mayors




Omni Trans




South Coast AQMD