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Proposed Trash Fee Increase

On March 21 at 5 p.m. in the Council Chamber, the Mayor and City Council  will consider proposed refuse rate increases.

The City has an exclusive franchise agreement with Burrtec to provide trash, recycling and some right-of-way services. As part of the agreement, the City sets rates to ensure that Burrtec is able to fund the costs of providing safe and reliable services while protecting the residents and businesses from unreasonable rate increases. 

The agreement allows for a maximum of a 5 percent increase annually, beginning July 1, 2017, for Consumer Price Index (CPI) changes. The proposed rates under consideration include an increase of 1.92% for CPI effective April 1, 2018, and authorization of up to the maximum allowable rate increase of 5% each July from 2018 to 2021 based on an analysis of CPI changes. The actual approved CPI rate increase for any year could be less than the 5% maximum.

Additional increases may be requested by Burrtec for extraordinary cost increases and City staff and Burrtec are completing a comprehensive analysis of the costs.

Information is available online at www.SBCity.org/SWRates and at the City Clerk's Office. The SBCity.org/SWRates webpage features the notice mailed to City of San Bernardino Burrtec customers and the complete schedule of proposed maximum permitted rate increases. 

Should you have any questions regarding the public hearing or the proposed adjustment, please contact the City's Public Works Department at 909-384-5140.