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The San Bernardino Municipal Water Department and the Board of Water Commissioners were established on May 8th, 1905 by the Mayor and Common Council of San Bernardino in accordance with the provisions specified in the City charter. The Board of Water Commissioners assembled for the first time on May 16th, 1905 to meet the water supply needs of the community by providing trusted, quality service to our customers. This service has grown through the years to include: water supply, water reclamation, geothermal heating supply, and administrative support for our growing community.


The first water distribution system of San Bernardino included water supply for approximately six thousand citizens within a one square mile service area. In contrast, the water supply distribution network now encompasses over 40,000 service connections including 550 miles of water mains. Although the number of connections has increased during the past one hundred years, our commitment to trusted, quality service remains the same.


The San Bernardino service area receives its water supply from an underground aquifer called Bunker Hill Basin which is concentrated at the Northwestern end of the city. This water contained in the Bunker Hill Basin is replenished with rain and snowmelt that filters through our local San Bernardino Mountains. This local water supply ensures the customers of the San Bernardino Municipal Water Department receive high quality, inexpensive water as compared to other communities. Many communities of Southern California must import their water supplies from remote locations via the Colorado River and Northern California pipelines. Many water supplies imported from distant locations can be impacted by certain man-made and natural contaminants as the water is transported to the customer.


The San Bernardino Municipal Water Department is committed to providing trusted, quality service to our customers as we provide water supply, water reclamation, sewer collection, geothermal heating, and administrative services to our community.