Stoddard Avenue

Born in 1830 near Toronto, Canada, Sheldon Stoddard drove one of the covered wagons to San Bernardino in 1849 with Captain Jefferson Hunt, and later with the Mormon Pioneers in 1851, when the purchase of the San Bernardino Rancho from the Lugo family was completed, and the Mormon settlement began.

Mr. Stoddard married Captain Hunt's second daughter, Jane, in 1851, and brought her with him as his bride. Upon arrival in San Bernardino he built the first log cabin out of willow logs on First Street, west of I Street. This cabin was later taken down and reconstructed on the west line of the fort that was being built as a protection from hostile Indians. In May 1852, he brought John Brown and family from San Pedro and located them as his neighbor. In 1853 Mr. Stoddard built a small adobe house on the northwest corner of D and Fourth Streets. Later, he and his wife moved to a ranch on Warm Creek and there reared their four daughters.

Image of Sheldon Stoddard
Sheldon Stoddard

For many years, Stoddard was engaged in freighting and carrying the U.S. mail between San Bernardino and Salt Lake City. It is said he crossed the desert twenty-four times. In 1882, he entered the employ of the California Southern Railway, and under Fred Perris he took charge of their teaming and quarry work. From this job he retired in 1899 for a well-earned rest. He was elected president of the Pioneer Society, and the picture shown above hangs in the Pioneer Log Cabin located at F Street between 5th and 6th Streets, in San Bernardino [The log cabin burned down in 1973]. Stoddard died in 1903.

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