San Bernardino Police Focus on Blight in our Neighborhoods

San Bernardino Police Focus on Blight in our Neighborhoods
Posted on Feb 10, 2022

San Bernardino, Calif. – In an ongoing effort to address citizen complaints about blight in San Bernardino neighborhoods, members of the Traffic unit, in addition to District Resource Officers will be conducting a blight eradication program throughout the city on Wednesday, February 16, 2022. This program will focus on removing abandoned vehicles, trailers, and motor homes from public streets, which are unsightly and frequently diminish the quality of life of residents.

Residents are reminded that it is illegal for any vehicle to be parked on a public roadway with registration that is expired over six months. Vehicles that have expired registration over six months are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense. Residents are encouraged to move these vehicles onto private property, where they are exempt from being impounded.

Residents should also be aware that San Bernardino Municipal Code section 10.16.230(a) states,”It is unlawful to park, leave standing or abandon any motor vehicle, trailer or dolly upon any street, alley, off-street public parking facility, or other property owned, leased, operated and/or controlled by the city for seventy-two (72) or more consecutive hours.” Vehicles found to be in violation of this ordinance will be tagged, and subject to impounding if not moved within the required time period.

The City of San Bernardino has also adopted Municipal Code section 10.16.260(a) which addresses the parking of recreational vehicles on public roadways. It states,”Recreation vehicles may be temporarily parked on public right-of-ways in front of residences for not more than 48 continuous hours for the purposes of loading or unloading. Forty-eight hours must elapse before the start of a new forty eight hour period, together with movement of the vehicle a distance of at least 500 feet.” Residents are reminded to move their recreational vehicles onto their property to avoid impoundment.

The purpose of this program is to reduce blight in San Bernardino neighborhoods, increase the quality of life for residents, and to remain responsive to citizens who frequently complain about these issues.

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