City Expands Graffiti Removal Program to 7 days

San Bernardino Expands Its Graffiti Removal Program to Seven Days a Week
Posted on Mar 03, 2022

The San Bernardino City Council on Wednesday, March 2, as part of their approval of a mid-year budget adjustment, added two new positions to its graffiti removal staff, enabling the program to expand to seven days a week.

“The faster we remove graffiti, the less incentive there is to put it up in the first place,” said City Manager Robert Field.

In addition to the two new positions, current graffiti removal staff agreed to modify their work schedules to further expand the coverage. The new schedule should be in place starting Monday, March 7.

“The city works to remove graffiti within 48 to 72 hours of it being reported,” said San Bernardino Public Works Operations and Maintenance Division Manager Ernesto Salinas. “By having teams on the weekend, we can respond faster to graffiti reported on Thursdays and Fridays as well as proactively remove graffiti before it is reported.”

To report graffiti in the City of San Bernardino, residents are asked to call (909) 384-7272 go to SB Access Online on the city homepage at, or use the Go SB City app on their smart phones. To report graffiti in progress, call the police non-emergency line at (909) 383-5311

In 2021, the San Bernardino Public Works Department Operations and Maintenance staff removed 5,634 instances of graffiti within the city.