Carousel Mall Demolition Update

Demolition Work Continues on the Carousel Mall
Posted on Jul 05, 2023

Demolition Work Continues
on the Carousel Mall

Demolition of the Montgomery Ward Building to Begin on July 6

It has been two months since the ceremony marking the start of the project to demolish San Bernardino’s Carousel Mall. Since then, crews have been working to remove materials from the inside the Mall in preparation to demolish its exterior structure. On Thursday, July 6, the demolition of the Montgomery Ward building will begin.

The Carousel Mall, which encompasses over one million square feet, is being systematically stripped of all materials in its interior. This includes debris, fixtures and equipment, and hazardous materials such as asbestos and fire proofing.

The non-hazardous material is separated by type, so that as much of the material as possible can be recycled.

To remove the hazardous materials, containment areas are sealed off, isolated ventilation systems are set up, and crews in protective suits remove the material, which is double bagged in protective containers. The material is then removed from the site in specially sealed container trucks.

Finally, in preparation of the demolition of the building, crews are working to confirm the location of all water, gas, electric, communications, sewer, and storm-drain utility-lines using electromagnetic detection.

Below are some photos taken in May and June...

Monty Wards  Sorting Materials

     Montgomery Wards Building           Materials Separated for Recycling

JC Panney  Mall interior

 1st Floor of the JC Penney Building   Former Mall Store Interior

Crews in Protective Suits  Bagged Materials

        Crews Double Bagging Hazardous Materials                 Double Bagged Materials                            

asbestos storage  asbestos storage truck

Sealed off pressurized rooms hold      Asbestos Removal Truck 
bagged asbestos materials