State Awards Two Grants to Parks

San Bernardino Parks and Recreation Receives Over $250,000 in State Grants
Posted on Aug 04, 2023

San Bernardino Parks and Recreation Receives Over $250,000 in State Grants

The City of San Bernardino Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department has announced that they are the recipients of two grants worth over $250,000. The California Department of Developmental Services has awarded a $156,000 Social Recreational Grant and the California Arts Council has awarded a $100,000 Creative Corps Grant to the City.

“These grants will help the Parks Department enhance our service levels to community members of all abilities, as well as showcase local artists and inspire new ones,” said Parks and Recreation Director Lydie Gutfeld.

The Department of Developmental Services Social Recreational Grant will help provide enhanced, integrated, and inclusive social and recreational programming at San Bernardino’s Center for Individual Development, which provides programs for people of all ages with physical, developmental, and mental disabilities.

In addition, the Social Recreational Grant will help start a child development pilot program later this year. The grant is in partnership with San Bernardino County’s Inland Regional Center.

The California Arts Council Southern California Creative Corps Grant will allow the City to showcase local artists through murals, performances and workshops with imagery depicting San Bernardino’s cultural, social, and economic achievements. The art will educate and celebrate the City’s rich history, culture, and key individuals.

“The Creative Corps grant will be the catalyst to create large murals in San Bernardino for all to enjoy while also giving local (Inland Empire) artists a chance to submit proposals to have their work featured,” added Gutfeld. “We are so excited to continue growing our Public Arts Program through grants like these!”

$40,000 of the $100,000 Creative Corps Grant will be used to commission artists to create public art murals at community centers and parks. An additional $40,000 from the grant will be used to provide cultural demonstrations and artist workshops at events such as San Bernardino’s Festival, promoting cultural diversity, education, and community engagement. The remaining $20,000 will be used for supplies and equipment for the artists.

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