City Manager Search Update

City Manager Search Update
Posted on Sep 07, 2023

Mayor and City Council Release a Statement
on the Status of the City Manager Recruitment 


At the September 6 City Council meeting, the Mayor and City Council provided the following update on their current recruitment of a new City Manager.

The statement was read by City Attorney Sonia Carvalho following the closed session portion of the meeting, which included a discussion on the appointment of a new City Manager.

"The City engaged a professional consultant to assist with the City Manager search and selection process. 67 people submitted applications for the city manager position. The resumes for all 67 individuals were provided to the Mayor and Council for review. From the 67, the Council agreed to interview five candidates and offered possible terms of employment to two applicants. The Mayor and Council are pleased to announce that a formal offer of employment has been made to a City Manager candidate. The Mayor and Council have directed the placement of an employment agreement on the City Council agenda at the next regular city council meeting.

Because state law requires that an employment agreement for a city manager be on a regular meeting agenda and due to the cancellation of the September 20th regular meeting, the city manager appointment will be on the council agenda on October 4th."

This statement was unanimously approved by the Mayor and Council."