Meet James - A Homeless Success Story

Meet James - A Homeless Success Story
Posted on Oct 11, 2023

Meet James
A Homeless Success Story

James Lee is originally from Kansas City, Kansas. He moved to California several years ago with his wife and children. He had a job at Salvation Army as a driver.

But then life happened. James’ marriage fell apart. He relapsed and was not able to keep up with his child support.  James ended up losing his job because his driver's license was suspended.

James ended up homeless.

The City of San Bernardino Homeless Outreach Team found James on June 24 living in a tent in the streets of San Bernardino. He had no hope for his future.

But through the SB Outreach Team, he regained hope.  All by answering a simple question - where he would be happy and safe? James replied Kansas City.

James case manager began to coordinate with his sister who along with his extended family, said yes to him moving back home.

We are happy to report that recently, James flew back home to Kansas City using a special fund from the City’s Homeless Outreach Team partner Hope the Mission. He now has love and family support and have a warm bed.

James is the first participant the SB Outreach team has been able to fly back home to reunite with their family.

The City of San Bernardino Homeless Outreach Team was launched on June 15 to engage homeless individuals to connect them effectively and efficiently with available housing and other services.

Residents and businesses can report issues or request assistance from San Bernardino's Homeless Outreach Team by calling (909) 936-3478 or by email at [email protected].

James Lee and Sister
James Lee reunited with his sister.