CID Visits Disneyland

Center for Individual Development Sends Magical People to the Magic Kingdom
Posted on Nov 17, 2023

San Bernardino’s Center for Individual Development Sends Magical People to the Magic Kingdom

On Thursday, November 16, sixty-one individuals with varying disabilities from the City of San Bernardino’s Center for Individual Development (CID) had the time of their lives as they took a daylong trip to Disneyland. Based upon the smiles on everyone’s faces, it was hard to tell if the participants or the volunteers had a better time.

This is the fifth year CID has taken a group to Disneyland. It was funded with support from the City of San Bernardino, Friends of CID, and a California Department of Developmental Services Social Recreation Grant.

A total of 93 people went on the trip. Joining the individuals with disabilities, staff, and volunteers were residents from area assisted living facilities and group homes.

“This trip is important because memories with friends are crucial to the developmental process,” said San Bernardino Parks and Recreation Director Lydie Gutfeld. “We work with low income and low supported families, so it’s rare that participants get the opportunity to do an amusement park visit with peers and friends while also feeling supported and safe.”

Prior to climbing aboard the bus, everyone was given a set of mouse ears for the trip and the fun was underway.

“I got teared up listening to the assisted living participants because they couldn’t stop talking about how they never have opportunities like this,” said Parks and Recreation Supervisor Chris McClain. “I was definitely at the happiest place on earth today.”

The Center for Individual Development (CID) opened in 1980 and is managed and operated by the City of San Bernardino Parks, Recreation & Community Services Department. It is a regional recreation center that focuses on providing recreation programs for people of all ages with physical, developmental, and mental disabilities. Seniors and individuals without disabilities are welcome to participate in many CID programs. CID is operated under the auspices of the Authority for the Handicapped and is supported by the Friends of CID, a non-profit organization dedicated to fundraising and marketing the Center and its programs.