City Crews Respond to Storm Damage

City Responds to Pothole Damage Caused by Historic Storm
Posted on Feb 12, 2024

City of San Bernardino Responds
to Pothole Damage Caused by Historic Storm

The record rainfall that hit this region last week has left debris, flood damage inoperative streetlights, and potholes in every city in Southern California. The City of San Bernardino is no different.

Following a storm in which parts of San Bernardino received over nine inches of rain in just a few days, the Public Works Department has deployed between six and eight crews every day to address potholes since the rain subsided.

In addition to their regularly scheduled hours, the crews have been working early morning and evening shifts as well.

As a result, significant progress is being made. In just a few days, over 3,000 potholes have been filled or repaired. The City has estimated that the patching activities resulting from the unprecedented storm should be completed within the next two weeks.

By the numbers, the City Public Works Department reports that as of Monday, February 12:

Number of Potholes Patched:                           3,003

Estimated Square footage of potholes:            13,942 sq. ft.

Tons of material used to patch potholes:          152 tons

Number for pothole requests from the public:   361

Number of requests completed:                        258

Number of requests remaining:                         103


This week, a Public Works contractor will begin more extensive repairs to the following three street segments:

  • Rialto between Allen and Sierra Way.
  • University to Hallmark from the freeway westbound to Hallmark.
  • Palm Ave from the freeway westbound to Hallmark.

Residents are encouraged to report potholes, illegal dumping, graffiti, or other issues to the City by calling (909) 384-7272, by using the GoSBCity App on a smartphone, or using the online portal at