City Approves $8.78 Million to Repair 21 Streets

City Council approves a pavement rehabilitation contract for twenty-one streets throughout the City.
Posted on Mar 29, 2024

City of San Bernardino Approves $8.78 Million
to Repair 21 Streets

San Bernardino, Calif. – The San Bernardino City Council approved a pavement rehabilitation contract for twenty-one streets throughout the City. The contract, awarded on March 20 to the Matich Corporation in the amount of $8,787,473.20, will encompass five - and one-half miles of roadway. Work is expected to begin in May and be completed by October.

“Improving five and a half miles of streets throughout the City demonstrates our continued commitment to not only bettering the quality of life for our residents but also for everyone who visits and works in San Bernardino,” said City Manager Charles Montoya.

The twenty-one streets were selected through a Pavement Management Analysis that was completed in 2021 to rate the condition of all public streets in the City. Street segments (intersection to intersection) were rated based on each segment’s remaining service life.

The project includes the following locations:

  • 13th Street from Waterman Avenue to Sierra Way (Ward 2)
  • 16th Street from Sierra Way to Mt. View Avenue (Ward 2)
  • 27th Street from Davidson Avenue to Little Mountain Drive (Ward 2)
  • 2nd Street from Lena Road to Tippecanoe Avenue (Ward 1)
  • 33rd Street from E Street to H Street (Ward 7)
  • 35th Street from Mountain View Avenue to Belle Street. (Ward 2)
  • 43rd Street from Sepulveda Avenue to East End (Ward 4)
  • 6th Street from Meridian Avenue to Pepper Avenue (Ward 6)
  • Alameda Street from Rialto Avenue to Newport Avenue (Ward 1)
  • Belleview Street from Mt. Vernon Avenue to K Street (Ward 3)
  • Business Center Drive from Hospitality Lane to Commerce Center (Ward 3)
  • Dallas Avenue from Spruce Street to Etiwanda Avenue (Ward 6)
  • Guthrie Street from Pacific Street to Sunrise Lane (Ward 2)
  • H Street from Highland Avenue to 27th Street (Ward 7)
  • Oak Street from Arrowhead Avenue to E Street (Ward 3)
  • Oak Street from K Street to Eureka Avenue (Ward 3)
  • Ohio Avenue from Palm Avenue to Olive Avenue (Ward 5)
  • Sonora Drive from Ralston Avenue to Palmyra Drive (Ward 7)
  • Tamarisk Avenue from Atchison Street to South End (Ward 3)
  • Temple Street from Medical Center Drive to End (Ward 6)
  • Vanderbilt Way from Waterman Avenue to Carnegie Drive (Ward 3)

$6 million of the funds for this project will come from the City’s Measure S local sales tax funds. Nearly $2 million will come from the Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Program (RMRA), Measure I will fund an additional $500,000, and Senate Bill 1 Gas Tax funds will make up the remaining $400,000.

This project was delayed last year when bids came in much higher than expected.

“The condition of our streets is one of the top concerns of our residents and businesses,” said San Bernardino Public Works Director Lynn Merrill. “We were able to let the market calm down a little, modify some parts of the project, and now we can move forward.”  

San Bernardino will begin a new Pavement Management Analysis in June to update the remaining service life of all public streets in the City. This analysis is anticipated to be completed in the Spring of 2025 and will be used to prioritize new street projects going forward. 

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