Marshall Boulevard

This important cross-town artery in San Bernardino was named for a native of Ohio, born in 1850, who came to California for his health at the age of 25. He immediately became a charter member of the Pacific Stock exchange, organized that year.

Image of Seth Marshall
Seth Marshall

In 1877, Seth Marshall fitted out a prospecting party and passed through San Bernardino enroute to many mines in the desert areas of California, Nevada and Arizona. In 1880, he settled in San Bernardino, having acquired many mining interest in the Ord district of this county.

With others in his family, he bought 1,000 acres of the Muscupiabe grant. A suit brought to contest the patent to this grant held up development of the acreage. He formed an eastern syndicate, which bought up this land, and later formed the Highland Ditch Company, which completed a canal from City Creek to serve landowners along the foothills of Highland.

It was largely through Marshall's efforts that the Santa Fe "loop line" was built, for he contributed right of way and cash to make it a reality.1 He was one of the organizers of the North Fork Water Co., and the Highland Orange Growers' Association.

Perhaps Marshall's most noted achievement was organization of the Arrowhead Hot Springs Company which secured and merged the Arrowhead Hot Springs and Waterman properties, and improved the resort. It was Marshall who controlled the Arrowhead Springs until it burned, and was then sold to Hollywood interests.

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